Always On Time

by Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Last Friday, my client requested me to fulfill a total of 9 headcounts for a 2 days temporary IT role starting today. Though it was a very tight timeline to work with, I managed to furnish 9 names on Monday.

On Tuesday (yesterday), one of the candidates was not sincere and backed out. This was so not cool. I was only left with 2 hours to find a guy. My client wanted me to reply today, 11am.

Being hard pressed for time, the natural reaction would be to feel worried. Instead, I felt an unusual peace. I felt God saying, "I am always on time." So I was like, "Ok God I will trust You while You do Your thing..."

Lo and behold, I managed to find a suitable guy who was open to work today! Best part: The guy confirmed his acceptance at exactly 11am!


This morning, I was reading Luke 2. Simeon and Anna’s character stood out. If you understand the context of their time, it had been 400 years of silence since there was any move or word from God by the prophet Malachi. Most Israelites drifted from their faith. The religious leaders deviated from the true essence of their faith. In this context, Simeon and Anna were full of the Spirit, faithful, devoted and righteous. They were waiting for baby Jesus, the consolation of humanity. God showed Himself to be faithful in keeping His word. He is always on time.

Maybe, you have been holding on to God’s promises for a period of time and feeling weary about it. I want you to know that God is your faithful promise keeper. Even if you cannot see His Hands moving, you can trust in His character. He is working behind the scenes, in the midst of the silence you perceive. He was, and is, and will always be on time.

"All I Ever Did"

by Thursday, April 05, 2018

Today's reading: John 4
The women told the crowds, “He told me all I ever did. Actually, what Jesus merely said was (paraphrasing), “You have 5 husbands, and the one you have at present is not your husband...” Having 5 men is not really all she ever did. But, to her, the stigma / sins / brokenness is everything.

(Being reminded of Jeremiah 2:13) Previously, she dug from broken cisterns to satisfy her thirst. Going from man after man, she sought for someone that could fill her emptiness. It was not until she met Jesus that she found the spring of living water that brought healing and wholeness.

Jesus was compassionately truthful towards her. She became a powerful woman who led others to the Messiah.

Applying in my perspective, there are times when I see my own brokenness as everything I ever did. Like the woman, I had dug from broken cisterns to fill the void. Now, I am running to the One who is able to truly satisfy. Jesus is able to turn what I view as mess into a message for His glory.

Great Is Your Love

by Sunday, March 25, 2018

Was onboard a plane, sitting at the window seat and admiring the beauty of the sky when I heard God's voice crashing in my thoughts. He asked, “Do you know how high the sky is?” I replied, “I don't know... Extremely high?” And He said, “Great is My love for you.” Another time, I was spacing out, looking towards the sea when I heard God asked, “Do you know how far the sea is?” I replied, “I cannot tell... Very far?” And He said, “Great is My love for you.”

I came to realize that I can never comprehend the vastness of God's love. The biggest blessing He has given to us as His children is Himself as our reward. I wrote this simple song out of the simple encounters I had with God.

I hope you will come to realize how much God really loves you. πŸ™‚

All that we are is Yours
Everything that we have belongs to You
We are blessed beyond measure
Because of Your love for us

Higher than the heavens
Deeper than the ocean
Is Your love for us

Stronger than the currents
Wider than the sky
Great is Your love for us

Nothing will ever separate us from Your love
Always pursuing, how relentless is Your love
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