An Eternal Home

by Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Since last week, there have been a lot of events happening around me, showing me and making me feel overwhelmed by the goodness of God. I’m extremely thankful that He is real and alive, and there’s no better place to be than to be in His Presence. :)

One of those events that I would wish to address in this post today is one of which got me into mixed feelings – the passing on of one of my dear aunt. She went home to be with the Lord on Valentine’s Day, back into the Father’s arms, living in an eternal Home.

What got me really happy was that when I heard of the news that she rededicated her life to Jesus and got baptized when she was in the ICU! I was really very happy and thankful, and God reminded me of Revelation 21:4, where she’s at a place that God “will wipe every tear from their (her) eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain.” I will really want to live there and enjoy myself with Daddy God every single day in heaven, but I know my mission’s not done on earth yet, and I can’t leave so soon haha.

When she was placed at the wake where her friends and close ones can visit there, in my heart I really desired for her to be brought back to life. I did pray about it with faith, but I got a very strong assurance that God’s will is for her to be back with Him, so I recognized God’s sovereignty. I remembered that a few days ago I was reading a book written by Deborah Graham Ecker, titled “Upon Love’s Wings” and in the book she recounted an event whereby her mum was really sick, and she told God, “Lord, if she dies tonight, I will serve you tomorrow.” I was really encouraged by her story, and I made a prayer to God, that “Even if she is not coming back alive today, it doesn't change that Jesus is still God and I’ll still serve you tomorrow.” I’m thankful that my faith was brought to another new level in this process.

The sadness mode set in when everyone (her immediate family and friends) were brought into the viewing hall and my aunt’s going to be sent into cremation. Reality dawned upon me, and I knew I will not see her in physical form again, and I was really sad. But still what comforted me was the fact that she’s in heaven and with God (till we meet again…).

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die (Ecclesiastes 3)…” Praying that God’s comfort will be upon everyone who is mourning over the loss of our dear one, knowing that she’s back with Daddy…

Ending off this post recognizing God’s goodness and love upon us all… God really understands how we feel over the loss of a love one – He Himself experienced it when He gave up His Only Son for us, and He really does understand how we feel. Thankful for Jesus, and thankful for life. :)

The Culture of Honour

by Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Just felt that I should post this spontaneous thoughts I received just a few hours ago for my blog users who aren't my Facebook friends. Hope it blesses your hearts :)

Everyone is made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Also, because of Adam, sin came into the world (Romans 5:12).

Having the sinful nature within us, naturally we'll relate other people's faults because we can easily recognise their weaknesses. But, without realising, that's sometimes what we have [or had] in our being.

The culture of this world condemns people when they have done wrong. Sometimes, not even a second chance is given. The world has condemned enough - the people don't need to add fuel to the fire by adding another discouraging comment.

The injured soldiers need their commander and co-soldiers' encouragement, thanking them for being there, for taking the front line and standing alongside with them. They don't need people that will hold back their encouragement and pick up on their weaknesses, telling them that, “they are useless because they are injured”.

Reprove and rebuke someone when needed [in love]. Also, encourage when you ought to. Believe in the best of others, no matter how many [obvious] weaknesses you may see in them.

Let the culture of honour reign in the House - where we'll begin to see the value God has placed in others and celebrate their growth and milestones.

Let the value of your identity as His kid be restored in your heart. Know that God didn't say, “I love you, useless and ‘good-for-nothing’ kid”; He said, “I love you, precious child”. Open the eyes of your heart and see how much God has placed such value over you and the others around you!

The Grace Of God

by Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hey friends and bloggers out there! My apologies for having not updated my blog for such a long time. Have been immersing myself in reading some Christian books for the past few weeks, spending time with God and hanging out with some of my awesome friends too! I must say that I'll cancel out the statement I made in the past, that “I don't love reading” haha - ain't a #truestory statement for me after all (random sharing here haha).

In the current post, I'll continue from where I left off in my previous post, “The Joy of Obedience”. In that post I mentioned that God has taught me some of the most valuable lessons in 2012 for application in life, and I hope you'll be blessed and God will continue to speak to you through this too.

In the past, unconscious to me [before I realised this], grace appeared to me as a dangerous topic to talk about. I've heard countless sermons about the grace of God, and I will think that overemphasizing [and over preaching] about His grace would give people misconceptions, thinking that they could act waywardly. I've heard stories [which ain't painting a very good picture] about this from my friends, and I wasn't comfortable at all.

Gradually, I found out that I was playing too safe. I thought that if I talked about grace too much, people will sin, so I rather not talk too much about this. And because I don't know what's “too much”, I won't elaborate too much about this topic. I was wrong.

It wasn't [and shouldn't be] my responsibility if I shared this much and people still allowed sin to reign in their lives; it's the Holy Spirit that convicts hearts and cause radical transformation. People need to understand what the true meaning of Grace is. I'm thankful that I was set free of playing “safe” haha.

Summing up what God has taught me about the Grace of God, through my own experiences and the sharing of some of my spiritual mentors (and given that I'm still in the midst of learning haha):

1) Jesus is a grace gift. In essence, the meaning of grace is “God's Riches At Christ Expense”. Understanding the expense, abusing grace can be actually equal to abusing Jesus (His life, love and finished work on the Cross). Grace shouldn't serve as a license for me to sin, but for me to be brought to repentance, setting me free from condemnation (Romans 5:15-6:14
2) Grace is an extremely good gift God has given to everyone. Grace shows the goodness of the Lord, therefore I shouldn't withhold from sharing this with anyone (Romans 2:4)
3) Grace is the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to expand my capacity, equip me with power from on high [boldness, faith, etc] and allow Him do what I can't do [through me]. This causes me to root my identity as His kid and not to other conditions like my natural abilities and talents (2 Corinthians 12:9)
4) Grace shifts me from the world's culture of striving to the Kingdom [Godly] culture of flowing with God - just following the direction where the wind [the Spirit of God] blows [leads me to] (John 3:8)

Learning to flow and rely on His grace has brought me beyond where I've expected myself to be at, and it is my prayer that God will lead you to experience the depths of His grace in every aspect of your life. May you continue to find pleasure in knowing Daddy God more each day!

Signing off with the greeting of the Apostle Paul, from the bottom of my heart,
2 Corinthians 13:14 - May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
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