The Power And Authority Of God

by Friday, February 20, 2015
In the past, I had a conviction because of my very first encounter with Jesus, that “anyone who has had an encounter with God will never be the same again.” I held steadfastly to this so strongly, and it was challenged as I saw different people having an undeniable encounter with God (eg. They cried, laughed, spoke in tongues, went on the floor, had visions - all due to the power and love of God), and yet, they weren't changed. My conviction was shaken previously, but never like today (due to my reflection), and I was determined to find the answer to my “why”.

I come to understand today, that experiencing the power of God doesn't make a person changed unless he allows God's authority to be exerted over his life. The 70 elders of Israel saw God together with Moses and Aaron (Exodus 24:9), and would have by right be captivated and convinced that YHWH is the true God, but yet a few days later they joined in with Israel to make a golden calf, an idol made out of impatience toward Moses' long period of encounter with God (Exodus 32). Pharaoh saw the power of God demonstrated umpteen times, but his heart was unwaveringly stubborn and hard, and he refused to submit under YHWH's authority and let Israel go. Saul experienced the anointing of God upon his life, but it did not take away his insecurities throughout the course as he served as the king of Israel. A man who had been an invalid for 38 years was healed by Jesus, and yet he was the very same man who told on Jesus to the Pharisees (John 5:1-14).

It is one thing to call Jesus “Savior” [the One who saves us from perishing in hell and eternal death, allowing us entry into heaven]; it is another thing to call Jesus “Lord” [the One whom we allow to take charge and presidency over our lives]. It is one thing to experience God's power because of His sovereignity, love and grace; it is another thing to experience His authority.

Jesus has the power to heal the sick, cast out demons. Simultaneously, he has the authority to command the sicknesses and demons to leave. While He is endued fully with the Holy Spirit's power to do the miraculous, he is also fully in submission to the Father's will. “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.” (John 5:19). Jesus has both power and authority.

The authority Jesus has from within comes from ultimate obedience and a deep relationship with the Father. He has such great authority that even “the winds and sea obey him” (Matthew 8:27), he commands every demon to come out (Mark 9:25-29), and all heaven and hell recognises his authority (Philppians 2:9-11; Acts 19:15). True authority ultimately triumphs over the power of darkness.

I pray for myself, and for you who are reading this today, that we will all grow to understand what it truly means to have the Father's authority over our lives, how good the Father's authority actually is, and allow Him to rightfully reign over us, with us depending on His grace [and the Holy Spirit] to walk in obedience (I do not claim to have fully understood what His authority is like, but I'm happy to be in this learning journey).

We are the ones in whom He dearly loves, the ones in whom He has carefully and wonderfully created. We are to be partners with God to advance His Kingdom here on earth, being a blessing to everyone around us. Never ever allow anyone (not insecurities, lies, popular belief, accustomed emotions, etc) to take dominance or speak into your life other than God and His Word, and the ones He has placed around to speak godly truth over you.
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