A long While Update!

by Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Hey bloggers and readers! Thanks once again for visiting and apologies for the lateness since the last update! Just thought that I could take this time just to give an awesome update certain things God has been speaking to me and also some testimonies over the past few weeks! Hope this will encourage your heart.

In this season I've been sensing the LORD’s leading in exposure to different places, like House Of Prayer Singapore (HOPS) for an instance. Have been visiting there for a while, and I got the chance to meet some really passionate Christians who love to worship the LORD together. Hearing them share their testimonies, and also being able to share about His goodness being upon my life is really a joy (this isn't pun intended haha).

Just last week when I was at HOPS, I felt God wanting me to just rest, abide and be in a position of receiving. And I remembered when I was just relaxing, I felt a weight of glory all over me [specifically over my head], and it felt like God was building a bride’s veil over me. I didn't really understood what it meant actually; I was just reminded about the Church being the Bride of Christ. 2 hours later, a lady came and prayed over me, telling me that “I saw you wearing a Bride’s veil”. I was so shocked (it was a good shock though haha), and her prayer confirmed what God was speaking to me initially, that “God is raising up His Bride, having the standard of purity defined by Him alone.” This was just one of the things God spoke to me while I was at HOPS – listing down everything will really be too much haha. I’m really thankful that God always desires to bring me [and us as His children] closer to Him every single day, and He loves to reveal His heart to us whom He loves.

Another significant event I went for was Kingdom Invasion Conference, with guest speakers like Heidi Baker, Randy Clark and Tom Jones. Came out of the Conference with a deeper realization of God as my Dad - a Person whom I can relate to, the importance of dwelling and going deeper in the Secret Place, Oneness with the Spirit, etc (will share more next time if I can).

Reflecting upon all my experiences, I can say that I’m really glad that each encounter is a time where God’s heart is revealed to me more. I don’t seek experiences for the sake of experiencing – I desire the Father’s heart to be made known, having a Kingdom mindset (speaking about this, I came across this link which you can click here), and getting the fruit produced which is the settlement of my identity as His kid, boldness and faith. I really believe it is Daddy God’s desire for His kids to be like John the Beloved – laying upon His bosom, hearing His heartbeat, not getting distracted by the voices of the world and even people around, but just getting a clear, accurate picture of the true revelation of Him [from the Word].

I don’t think I've gotten to the full measure of intimacy with the Father yet (I feel I’m quite far from this actually). But one thing that Daddy God celebrates for me, which I also do, is the small steps I've been taking each day, and the closeness He wants me to enjoy with Him. Though seeming small or even like nothing in some human eyes, I knew something was shifting and growth is taking place.  Just want to end off saying that God is really GOOD – this makes my heart glad! :D

Also, with a question for thought:
How do people define growth in their Christian walk? Is this the growth that God is looking at for they themselves [or even in others] in their season? (Something that's on my heart that I've been seeking God for now)


by Saturday, March 09, 2013

Today marks my 19th birthday, together with my quadruplet siblings! Thought that I could dedicate this post just to thank God for all He has done, has been doing, and will continue to do in the following days to come.

Since the day of our birth, the Lord’s hand has been upon me and my siblings. At that instant, some may comment that we are too small, too light, and too frail, but still, I have no doubt that we’re fearfully and wonderfully made by our Daddy God who loves us so much. Thankful for the times that my mum actually prayed for us constantly too, wanting us to be healthy and living well. She’s really a great woman of faith, and I thank God that He is alive, a God of miracles, and He constantly answer prayers.

Through the years, God has brought me out of different storms and never fails to show me that He has great plans for me and my family. It’ll be a lie if I said life was smooth sailing back then – in actual fact, it was one of the toughest periods of my life, having lived in the wilderness. Nevertheless, I thank God for the breakthroughs and promises that had, and will come to pass in the future. One of which is my 4 long years awaited water baptism! So happy that God has opened the doors and blessed me so much!

Having come back from a stagnant relationship with God since 4 years back, I celebrate the milestones and growth that has taken place through my walk with Him. Yes, I do have such a big area to grow in God still, but having looked back and reflected, I knew that God has always been with me all these while, pouring out deeper revelations and allowing me to encounter His love. I love the way how God has been holding my hand, leading me through different seasons and stages of growth. I’m humbled and overwhelmed by the goodness and love of God.

Here are my birthday wishes (or rather, prayer requests). Hope that you who are reading this can pray alongside with me about these too!
1) A deeper heart revelation, intimacy, joy-filled and love encounter with the Holy Spirit
2) Constantly growing and living in love, and discover my spiritual giftings
3) Revival in Singapore ftw!
4) I will love to have a NLT, NRSV, MSG and AMP physical lightweight hardcopy bible (though it’s really my heart’s desire to have every version of every bible so that I can reference haha)
5) Books wishlist: The Heart Of Worship files, Matt Redman. The Heavenly Man, Brother Yun. Restricted Nations: North Korea, The Voice of the Martyrs with P. Todd Nettleton.
6) I need a bigger space mp3 actually haha (like 16GB or 32GB iPod classic? Lol *hint hint* haha)
7) Eh new guitar and can plug in one? Haha
8) I saw this “Woman of God” hoodie and I actually want to purchase this, but I can’t find the link! :(((
Thankful for Jesus, thankful for life! To the awesome days and journey ahead, cheers! :D (Jesus is awesome woohoo!)
Psalm 136:1 - Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.
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