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by Saturday, November 16, 2013
Hello fellow bloggers and readers! I have finally found the time to blog about the recent mission trip I went last September! It has been really hard for me to maintain my blog now with work commitments, but I’ll try to blog at least once a month :p

The trip to Philippines has been a real blessed one. The memories are still fresh within, and I think since a picture speaks a thousand words, I’ll begin by posting some.

Sunflower Garden @ Singapore Changi Airport (Before departure)
Arrival at Manila, Philippines for transition of flight!
Our frequent mode of transport - the jeepney
Our first micro (Cell group) at Central Philippine University, Iloilo
At the Barangay (Village) head office in Passi City
Radio Ministry at Easy Rock 92.3FM, Iloilo, Philippines
Doing house visitations with bible college students
from Faith Family Church, Cebu, Philippines!
Home sweet home - leaving Philippines!
There are simply too many awesome photos to be collated into one post, but I just thought I would share in summary what are the events I thank God for, and what He has taught me throughout the trip.

1) Preaching opportunities

Sunday evening service, City Light Church, Iloilo
This was the first official service I had the honor to preach in a church. I think there were about 50 people - young and old. God led me to share a message on healing that day, and I remembered being all excited and nervous at the same time.

I had a difficulty of speaking too fast for good that the people couldn't really understand me initially. Back in Singapore, because I was wired since young to speak really fast, it was quite worrying for the Filipinos. Thankfully I had Pastor Emily to interpret for me. :)

One of the most significant events that took place in the service was the healings (JESUS IS ALIVE WOOHOO!). One of the people Jesus healed was this lady who had acid reflux. She couldn't drink any acidic juices or carbonated drinks. After prayer, the ministry staff were serving orange juice, and she came to us, overwhelmingly happy, telling us that she tried drinking orange juice and there was no reaction!

Also, during the next day when we had fellowship over lunch, she drank Pepsi, and she told us she was completely healed! Praise the Lord! :D

Sunday Morning Service, Faith Family Church, Smokey Mountain Cebu
In the last Sunday of our stay, we were at Cebu and I had the honor to preach at the morning service with Pastor Boy interpreting for me.

I remembered this was yet another significant preaching session for me. I felt the Lord leading me to preach about "Building a legacy of righteousness" with reference to Ephesians 6, and honestly it was really hard for me because the message was targeted for parents and children. I find myself being unable to relate to the parents, and I was stuck, wrestling with God and asking if I could choose not to go ahead with the sermon.

Even though I was super nervous throughout the whole time, I really thank the Holy Spirit for enabling me to preach His Word, and guiding me to be sensitive to preach with boldness. He taught me to step out in faith, knowing that He'll give me His words, and He'll touch His people. Glory be to God for everything He has done! :D

2) Feeding ministries and Smokey mountain experience

Feeding ministry, Faith Family Church, Solas
This was one of the feeding ministries the missions team were a part of. The church at these ministries would first hold the service before the kids are served food.

I was helping out by serving juices to the kids. One by one, the kids handed their cups over to me, and my heart broke when I noticed that some of their bowls and cups were dirty. The water condition is unclean as well (at least, to Singaporeans because we have clean water).

Coming back to Singapore, I began to treasure the food I eat. I don't think I complained that much anymore when I had a craving and I couldn't satisfy within a day. I won't be that picky about food anymore (with the exception of the food having maybe a little too much fats heehee) :p

The smiles of the kids warmed my heart too, and they brought me to be thankful for my state of living in Singapore. :)

Witnessing the making of a coffin
in Smokey Mountain, Cebu
This shot was taken during our walk around Smokey mountain in Cebu. The man squatting down was actually making a coffin for his relative's 5 month old kid who died of high fever.

The conditions of living were poor - people could not afford for medical fees, building homes, going to school, buying coffins, etc. My heart totally sank when I was walking around Smokey and seeing this sight. Before I left for the Philippines, I watched the video about Smokey, but never I expected myself to be at a real scene, seeing those sights.

Sometimes we can be so rich till we take our luxuries for granted. Being there with the Filipinos, when they were worshipping and praising God, I could feel the Presence of God invading in their times of worship. Even when they had little in the material, their hearts were so sincere in worship. I believe their sole desire and priority was Jesus alone, and it was all that mattered to them.

3) Getting to serve with a really awesome team! :D

In the midst of the feeding program, we got a shot! :p
(At Solas Afternoon Feeding Ministry, Faith Family Church)
The trip has brought me to realize that I really love working as a soloist :p (Okay but it's really true). God taught me to work with my brother and sisters together as a team, remembering to look out for each other and ensure no one was left behind. I appreciate the fact that everyone came from different walks of life, and even though we all may have different working styles, we are serving as children of the Kingdom, and we work as a Body together, with Jesus as the head.

I thank God for my Pastors care upon me and for the awesome girls as well - they are a great form of encouragement throughout the trip :) It was the first time one of the girls and I were taking the plane, and I must say that it's incredibly AWESOME (Seeing fluffy clouds like marshmallows)!

I would really love to post more photos of the trip here, but I think it would become a really long post, so I shall stop here for now. In all, I thank God for everything He has done throughout the trip (there are actually countless things I can thank God about for this particular trip!):

  1. The Holy Spirit moved in tremendous ways and different people were being filled with the Spirit, healed, delivered and saved.
  2. The Holy Spirit, our most awesome Teacher, helped all of us to generate our sermons (YAY!)
  3. God provided for every single one of us financially and gave us clearance and safe trips throughout our travel.
  4. Thank God for loving us and using us as His hands and feet to love His people.
  5. God taught me a really good lesson: He can use anyone. Even when I disbelieved myself, failed before - I can give so many excuses to say why God cannot use me, but the secret is in the yielding (my sole desire in everything I do is to give my Father the glory). God can use you as well, brothers and sisters :)
Lastly, here's a compilation of the different mission trip events we did in Philippines. Thanks for surviving throughout the post HAHA :p God bless, and continue staying in love with Jesus! :D

PS: I believe some of you have watched the news about Yolanda. Please keep Philippines in prayer that God will keep all of them safe. :)

Also, edits have been made in the FeaturedSongs, PrayerLine and TheJourney page. Do take a visit to the pages! :D

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