Bring It On 2012!

by Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thankful for what God has done in 2011. God spoke to me so much in this year, so much so that sometimes I asked him: "Hey Dad, why you speak so much?" Haha of course, I'm just joking with Him. Grateful for the times that He assured and spoke to me, and I believe one of the greatest topics that he spoke to me of, which I will bring it in the years ahead, was about relying on His strength and grace. "Lay on my strength and grace, for you are a mighty warrior."

Thankful for the friends I made in Polytechnic and in church. I thank God for leaders that He placed in my life, my discipler Karina and my friends who have been such a great encouragement in my walk with God. I don't know how many people I have strengthened or encouraged in this year, but I believe that God has been using me for you people, and I'm honoured and glad to be of help! :D

Ready and set to go for 2012. Believing for a greater fire and passion to rise up in me for the year 2012. I'm not ever satisfied with the fire that I'm having for Jesus now, knowing that there is more room for me to grow. I thank Jesus for bringing me closer this year, and I believe for greater things to come in this year ahead (Of course, I'll be faithful with the small things first :p)

So bidding goodbye to 2011, and saying hi to 2012... Daddy God, we're going to enjoy this journey together! :D
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