Hi bloggers, readers and visitors! Just decided to create a page just dedicated for commenting! Feel free to include your prayer requests into the page too so that readers around the world can keep you in prayer too! Or if you have a word to encourage the community of believers, post it here too! The previous chatbox will be removed from this blog too...

PS: Please only post constructive and encouraging comments. Abusive or inappropriate comments will be taken away.

Meanwhile, have fun blogging for God's glory! And continue to keep falling in love with Jesus! Deeper intimacy and revelation with the Holy Spirit ftw woohoo! *\o/*

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  1. Being Spirit filled is not always accepted by the main stream Christians. They are afraid of what they need to have and that is the Holy spirit working in their lives. I was 12 when the Holy Spirit filled me to overflowing. Praise God for the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


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