Guarding Your Entrustment

A couple of days ago, I was updating about my life to a friend, recounting on the goodness of God in my life, and on career offers. In relation to what I shared, he shared a story on a man by the name of Ken Gott who was used mightily by God in Sunderland for revival, and on the lesson God taught him. 

“When revival broke out in Sunderland, people from all over the world were flooding to see what God was doing in that place. Meetings were run 6 times a week. 2 years into the revival, Ken honestly conversed to God, saying, "Hey God, look at the great revival! People are flooding to see your move! This is so awesome!"

He went on and on about the revival. When He was done, he felt the God saying, "So what?... Let me tell you how I created the universe..." Ken was taken aback, somewhat embarrassed about his boasting. Later, God spoke, "Why are you pursuing your enticements instead of the entrustment I have given to you?"

The direction of his ministry was then realigned to God's vision and plan for them. Priority seats were saved for the street and lost people of Sunderland...”

I realised the importance of hearing God's voice and following His will. Because our hearts can be deceitful, we may depict God's voice the way we want Him to sound like. The bible words we interpret becomes steered to the definition of who we see God to be / the life we wish to lead by. The sufferings we go through becomes unnecessary, but we think the sufferings are for Christ's sake. We think we are pursuing God's entrustment [His plan and purpose] for our lives; but we end up pursuing our own enticement [our own will; what we think God's will is]. We become exalted, not God.

I was reminded of the apostle Paul who was zealous and sincere for God. He went around persecuting the followers of the Way, thinking He was doing God's will. He sure thought God was pleased and his rewards were storing up in heaven. However, God was merciful to intervene. Paul was realigned in the right direction, and he began to truly pursue the will of God.

In this time and age, when so many options lay ahead, let us not forget to hear God's voice and pursue His will above all else. One may come to find that the roots of their enticements are their insecurities (like Saul, the king before David), fleshly desires (like king David), etc. Seek to remove those enticements; guard the entrustment He has given to us.

We die, so that He might live in us.
We die, so that we can truly live.


  1. I must decrease. He must increase. Just read that and your post highlights that too. Joy - love your name - A very Happy Christmas - stay safe, have tons of fun and know Christmas is all about miracles!!!

    1. Hello Nikki, May God forever be exalted in our lives. Happy Christmas to you too! :)


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