2016 Reflections - God's Faithfulness

2016 has been a year when I was broken down, and when I broke down the most. I was placed in situations where my strengths and weaknesses were made known, and I saw who I truly was on the inside. I was emotionally tested, worn out, and on the verge of giving up a couple of times.

In the midst of it all, I saw the faithfulness of God over my life. I have a good, good Father who watches over my every path and encourages me to persevere on. Even though I have not heard His loud, booming voice that explicitly, I saw His hands quietly and steadfastly working behind the scenes. In every waking moment, I am brought to thankfulness as I experience His Presence and realness. The greatest warfares I fought became the greatest breakthroughs I experienced in my entire life.

I saw God working to restore my relationships with different ones. It was heartening and touching as I saw God [finally] fulfilling the promises made years ago over some crucial relationships. Indeed, in His dictionary, there is no such word as impossible. As long as you do not set a limit to what God can do, He will work all things well, even beyond what you can imagine. “All things are possible to Him who believes.” (Mark 9:23)

In this year, I found the love and drive for songwriting - in particular, Christian songs that declare God’s goodness, and the reality of hope in the midst of tough situations. One of the songs is titled “You Are Always Good,” completed in the later part of this year

On 2 separate occasions in different years, I was going through similar difficult situations. Every cell in my being cried to give up, but I knew there was a real hope I was holding on to. I mustered all the strength I had left, took my guitar and started praising God spontaneously with whatever I was feeling. Later, this song was crafted.

I came to realise in an experiential way (no longer just having knowledge in my head) that God gives His people the ability to be filled with hope against all hope. He gives them a reason to sing in the midst of difficult times. When all things seemed out of control, we can still praise because God is always good.

In the later part of this year, I was led to work in the recruitment sales industry. God blessed me with an amazing boss and colleagues who saw and believed in my potential. They are constantly giving me opportunities for good growth, building me to be a persevering person. By the grace of God, I found the ability to be disciplined in the mundane things of life. I found joy because I knew I was in God’s will. God brought me from a place of personal failures, aimlessness, hopelessness, to where I am today. All the glory really goes to Him.

In summary, I am very thankful to God for bringing me through this year. It was not an easy ride, but He sustained me. His promises never failed. There is just so much to be thankful for.

If you are reading this, I hope you will be brought back to count the blessings God has given to you. He really loves you. :)


  1. Hey Joy - wishing you a very happy new year packed full with amazing things.


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