Adopting Jesus's Attitude In Our Experiences

Don't let your experiences of hurt, betrayal, disappointments, etc become the gospel truth you put on as spectacles, determining everything you perceive about circumstances, others, and God in a negative light.

Those experiences show you the truth about living in this fallen world - it is “now and not yet”, imperfect outcomes in this imperfect world, impact of the fall upon mankind, etc.

When you allow those experiences to colour your perceptions, you are actually worshipping your past. In every conclusion you come out with, you become one who "consults" your past. No longer will you be open to the truth or a better change in circumstances.

In whatever you have and will experience, be it good or negative in your eyes, you should make this conscientious effort to ask yourself, “What is Jesus seeing in my experience? How would He think if He is in my situation? What is the takeaway lesson that is the truth here?”

Then, you will feel His thoughts and emotions. You will think like He thinks, act like He acts, and hope like He hopes.

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