To Greater Years Ahead!

Hey bloggers and readers! Here’s your friendly neighborhood friend in da house! I finally have the time to update my blog (phew!). 2013 has been a year of extreme ups and downs, with various and major breakthroughs (eg. Water baptism, a new level of ministry and commitment, etc.) taking place. I recalled the time when I popped the question to GOD during December 2012, asking for a word of promise for 2013, and He told me, “2013 will be a year of breakthroughs.” I am thankful that I serve a GOD who is faithful, and His Word once spoken will not return void, but accomplish that which He has purposed for (Isaiah 55:11).

I would love to mention one of the significant events that took place last December: Church Youth Camp! It’s the 2nd time I went for youth camp, and I must say it was super duper fun, and I love that Jesus showed up through the whole camp! For now, peektures first!

Worship! :D
Our very own super warrior!
(Had so much fun!) 
Wrapping warrior in progress...
(That was the 1st time I got so dirty in a game~)
Finale Skit! Theme: Trust.
Was quite fun and hilarious hahaha :D
My group: The Owls!
Ministry Time

Sharing session. Theme: Faith
(What is faith, Feeling of faith, Foundational faith)

Through the camp, I felt GOD teaching me one lesson, and I’m supposed to apply this lesson all the days of my life: Oneness with Jesus, just as He is with the Father (John 14-17). It is only when I abide in Him and He abides in me, that must fruit will be produced to the glory of the Father. I found this lesson so important even for this year as I step into different life and ministry commitments. I want to run this course with strength from above. Even if I may stumble, I will rise up again and run, and in the end, see that joy be made completed and fruit be produced.

Moving on to 2014, till present, I must say that I am still getting used to some transitions here and there. Even so, I thank GOD for His abiding Presence, and also for my Pastors and for the covenant friends He has placed around me from my home church and outside. They have been a great source of encouragement and support in my life, and I know I’ll feel super alone if not for them with me. Having a family of GOD is really important. I am quite excited for what’s ahead in this coming year, and I believe for greater things than what has happened in the past year. Though there may be some trials along the way, but I’m assured that GOD will see me through once again. GOD is really good all the time :)

A new year chapter unfolds, and to greater years ahead! GOD bless, and lastly here's a video from the camp that happened last year, as well as the testimonies posted by different ones. It is my prayer that as you hear those testimonies, you will be encouraged, and as you desire, GOD will touch you from where you are as well :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your 2013 testimony! I pray God will continue to bless you tons as you follow Him further this year.

    1. Thanks Janet yeah I pray that God will bless your walk with Him too and everyday will be an exciting journey where you will walk closely with the Father. God bless! :)


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