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Hey guys and fellow bloggers! It has really been a super long time since I posted anything on this blog! For those who have been regularly viewing my blog and feeling sad because there was no updates, apologies to you all.

For this particular post, instead of the usual topical posts and devotions, I'm going to post about the awesome and fun week I've been having, and at the same time share with you guys about what God has been speaking to me through all these. (PEEKTURES TIME!)

Leading in worship
Your game masters for da day :D
I've been on an awesome 3 days journey attending youth camp. I'm really super thankful to God because of the bondings and closeness I could share with the youths around, as well as seeing God move in power. I was really happy to be given the honor to lead worship and games. Being a game master was really a first time for me, and I'm thankful that the games turn out well and everyone really had lots of fun! It was a great honor being paired up with my awesome friend Sophia aka the Jedi (HAHA)!

The sessions in itself was really good and one of the sessions our Pastor was sharing about was “The Priesthood of all believers” - Everyone being called as a priest, prophet and a king. Honestly it was quite an enriching session for me because I've learnt the application of applying my calling and spirituality to the practicalities of life – to walk and do the Kingdom of God. I can't share about all though because this post will get really long haha :p

Me with da hoodie haha
On the first night and, there was the prophetic workshop conducted and we were all blindfolded and encouraged to hear the voice of God for the other person standing opposite us. Frankly, it was exciting and at the same time freaky, and the verse about “We walk by faith not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7)” was the essence of this activity. I was really encouraged to see my friends around prophesying and taking that leap of faith.

What God spoke to me during the activity :)
Also, on the 2nd day we were given a piece of paper and questions were posed, one of which was to ask God what does He think about ourself. This was mine, and I actually saw a movie before my eyes, but I couldn't draw everything out, so I began to write it. And I was really encouraged because of what God spoke about me.

Masked peeps SMILE! :D (1st Day, playing Captains Ball)

2nd day at Siloso!

Playing the game "Bury Saikang" :p
Group Shot!
Watching one of God's creation, the sunset :)
The weather was really bad during the 1st day of camp due to a really bad haze and we had to stay indoors almost all the time or wear a mask if we wanted to head out. And as s a church, we believed and prayed for the weather and the PSI levels began to drop on the 2nd day and we got went to Siloso to play beach games and watch the sunset too! It was such a glorious sight to see!

Also, we did treasure hunt and street evangelism on the 2nd night! Even though there was a lack of time, and I didn't get to talk to anyone in the end, I was still thankful to be a part of this activity. Encouraging reports were given and everyone went back shagged but fulfilled!

Before I went to bed on the 2nd night, I heard that the PSI levels of the haze was predicted to be rising on the 3rd day, and I wasn't really welcoming the news because I was going to get baptized on the 3rd day. I prayed a silent prayer, asking God to blow the haze away in another direction, and God showed Himself faithful and the PSI levels dropped even more! Thank God! :D

One of our very own awesome church peeps (Erm I honestly don't know what is going on in their minds HAHAHA)
In the water getting baptized YAYYYYYYY
After baptism shot (ignore my hands please haha) 
The baptismal boomer behind, last warning HAHAHA
Group shot with the fellas'
Group shot with my family and relatives (Am super thankful that they all came!)
On the 3rd day, it was a really special day for me because I was getting baptized. I've been anticipating for this day to arrive, and I'm really thankful that my mum, brother, younger sister and relatives came to support me! And most importantly, I'm thankful that God orchestrated everything so smoothly and the baptism could go on as per planned! Also I want to thank God for giving me the boldness to be able to share about His goodness and faith over my life and giving me great Pastors who believes in the destiny God has for my life :)

Lastly, apologies for the improper structure of this post I know it's kinda untidy haha :p Ending off with something super random:

-Spirit inspired thoughts-

There's no amount of words that can comprehend the greatness and love of God upon my life. I find that I'm lost for words when I try to describe the immense amount of goodness and love the Lord has poured over my life.

For those times I've failed, deviated in the course, looked so deeply inward, having insecurities and trashed myself in and out, it doesn't change the matter of fact that He still loves me, and I'm His daughter. This is some serious grace divinely poured out on an undeserving me mann.

There is no mountain high enough, no valley low enough and no river wide enough that can keep me from the Father's love. This is really amazing grace and unfailing love poured out, and it causes my heart to sing.

I'm thankful to be able to sing over bareness, emptiness, failures, condemnation and doubts with the truth and joy He has for me. I'm thankful for the destiny and plans He has so thoughtfully planned out for my life - created, commissioned and called for greatness.
"Yield to Me - remain in Me, and you will bear fruit that will last. I've called you for such a time as time - to be who you are and what I've called you to be, and to step into the shoes I have made for you to wear and set foot on. You are my child, and I love you." - God 

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  1. What a joyful post full of thanksgiving and praise Joy! Looks like you had a time rich with His grace and goodness; I LOVE the pictures of you getting baptized! Congrats dear sister! :)

    Blessings and love friend!


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