The Culture of Honour

Just felt that I should post this spontaneous thoughts I received just a few hours ago for my blog users who aren't my Facebook friends. Hope it blesses your hearts :)

Everyone is made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Also, because of Adam, sin came into the world (Romans 5:12).

Having the sinful nature within us, naturally we'll relate other people's faults because we can easily recognise their weaknesses. But, without realising, that's sometimes what we have [or had] in our being.

The culture of this world condemns people when they have done wrong. Sometimes, not even a second chance is given. The world has condemned enough - the people don't need to add fuel to the fire by adding another discouraging comment.

The injured soldiers need their commander and co-soldiers' encouragement, thanking them for being there, for taking the front line and standing alongside with them. They don't need people that will hold back their encouragement and pick up on their weaknesses, telling them that, “they are useless because they are injured”.

Reprove and rebuke someone when needed [in love]. Also, encourage when you ought to. Believe in the best of others, no matter how many [obvious] weaknesses you may see in them.

Let the culture of honour reign in the House - where we'll begin to see the value God has placed in others and celebrate their growth and milestones.

Let the value of your identity as His kid be restored in your heart. Know that God didn't say, “I love you, useless and ‘good-for-nothing’ kid”; He said, “I love you, precious child”. Open the eyes of your heart and see how much God has placed such value over you and the others around you!


  1. What a great insight. You are so right Jesus sees us as beautiful and worthy to be saved. Our job is to share His love.

    1. Yeah mann amen to that Karen! God loves you! :D


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