The Faith Walk

A week ago I had a pleasant night, with a nice dream accompanying it. Even though I couldn't recall the details of the dream, I remembered significantly that I saw this words on a white canvas in my dream:
And God is sovereign. Even though something looks to be in defeat at first, in the end you are walking towards victory.”
And I woke up with God speaking to me these words:
“Look upon Me - call upon My Spirit, and tap into the unseen. For the seen is temporary, but the unseen is eternal.”
Accompanying those words was a verse from Hebrews 11:
Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. 
From that day on,  I was led to read Romans 4 and Genesis 12 onwards. From those chunks of chapters, God has been using them to speak to me about my faith in Him.

From the time Abraham first received the words from God that he'll become a great nation and great blessing, all the way till he got a son from Sarah, he waited 25 years (He was 75 when God first spoke to him about the promise). 25 years of waiting! At that time, Sarah was already 99! Bearing Isaac? Haha I think I’ll also laugh like Abraham and Sarah if there’s any time I got that word from God.

I made an initial comment about Abraham, thinking that He was crazy because I can’t believe Abraham was so quick to leave at God's command even before the promise wasn't fulfilled. And the verse that wow-ed at my face was Genesis 12:9, when “Abram kept moving, steadily making his way south, to the Negev.” How can Abraham keep moving when Sarai (before God named her Sarah) was still childless? In natural and human’s perspective, it’s totally no way that Abraham and Sarah would have kids at such old age.

God began to change my perspective by shifting me to Romans 4. Through these verses, these spontaneous thoughts came:
If faith is all about you - what you can achieve and do with your own natural abilities, you've missed the whole point. 
Faith goes beyond yourself. Faith is all about learning to lean and trust in God - trusting and obeying in what He wants to do in, through and with you. Sometimes it seems foolish or impossible in natural eyes, but that's the whole point! God doesn't have the word “impossible” in His dictionary.
Even Moses looked upon his own flaws and kept stating those as excuses that God will never use him as His instrument for the Israelites. But God still did extraordinary miracles through him- the Red Sea parted, water came out from the rock, etc.

And I do fall prone to become like Moses sometimes. When I look at myself, I'll always give God the natural, human reaction - “God are you sure it's me? (Not that I'm making God to be a liar, but because I keep looking upon myself)

But this was when God made me realise:
“Faith is not about looking towards yourself and seeing how much you can do in the natural; faith is about looking towards Me and seeing how much I can do through you in the supernatural - a naturally supernatural lifestyle. Having faith in Me shouldn't constrain your life; it should expand your life!”
What’s so great about God is that He doesn't call us to be a superhuman. When you begin your Christian faith, He doesn't expect you to zoom all the way and demand you to have faith that can perform signs, wonders and miracles. He doesn't mock and laugh at you, and He doesn't compare you with other people, saying, “Wah that person has more faith than you, loser.” Sometimes we are the ones who call ourselves losers when God didn't even call us that. We don’t realise that God is patient with us – we just can’t be patient with ourselves sometimes (we go hard on ourselves).

Faith is a process and an adventurous journey that God desires for us to walk together with Him. When God asks you to go to step one, He doesn't expect you to fly to step 10 when you haven’t even begin moving towards step 1. Faith may cause you to step out of comfort zones, like Abraham who couldn't see the promise that He became a great nation after his death but yet still have to choose to head over to that land. But you aren't meant to walk the faith walk alone – God is and will be with you. So just believe in a Big Daddy God that lives inside of you and really know who your God is.

Hope this will bless your hearts and encourage your faith walks with Him too! :)


  1. Hi Joy,
    You are right, faith is not in how much I can do, but believing God and what He can do. We do what He says because we have faith that what He says is what is right.

  2. I don't know how people live without God in and with them. I believe He can and will care for me.

  3. Love to read about faith!
    Merry Christmas Joy,

  4. Merry Christmas to you all too! :D


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