Waiting for His power

by Friday, October 30, 2009

I just feel like sharing my experience with you which may be closely related to this topic I am talking about. there was one day where I passed a shop and i came across one toy which looks like a dumbell and it requires lots of patience in completion. Orange and blue balls are inside each side of the dumbell and it needs to be seperated.

As I began to play this game I began more hooked up to this game. Then whenever the other colour of the ball moved to the other side, I would start feeling frustrated and want to try to make it back. but when this happens some other balls would move back.
Upon completion of this game I began to ponder about this topic. I started to question myself. Was I really patient in waiting for his power to dwell upon me? You know sometimes when we asked Jesus for a prayer to be answered do we be patient in waiting for his works?

Take for example. A person who has been praying for his family problems to be solved. Does he waits patiently for his prayer to be answered or he starts getting frustrated?

Sometimes i just feel that whenever God do not answer our prayers, he has his reasons. We should not act like his disciple, Peter, whom when God asked him to take care of his sheep in provenance of his love for him, after a while he became frustrated in God.

Rather I feel that we should train our patience to a maximum level in which not getting angry in waiting for his power. We should ask for our prayer needs and have faith and patience that he will do the works. In this way while we wait and the Lord will dwell his power upon us.
tTke for another example, a person praying for spiritual gifts. if God do not give us yet we should be patient in waiting for his power to dwell upon us. most importantly, have faith in Christ Jesus.

'Ask and it will be given to you....'

What a wonderful God we have!

by Thursday, October 29, 2009

Recently I have been pondering about the good things that our father has done for us. All the unfailing responses he have given to us, I really feel honoured in having a wonderful Father which I could serve.

Even though we have been sinning against Him time and time again, His forgiveness towards us makes me feel ever warming.
It really feels great when i think about the day where I would meet my father. It makes me want to praise Him ever more when I read about the miracles He has done for us.

I knew that God wants us to praise Him for his wonderful works, which I have been almost doing everyday. Feeling an awesome God we have is so wonderful!!

Earnestly seeking a living God

by Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I feel that it is a joy to seek such a wonderful God who is never unfailing. Simple things like reading the word and praying is the best things we can do to seek and please Him.

Sometimes I do feel that seeking Him is something which requires much self-discipline as well as a quiet enviornment and a calm mind.

But sometimes I do feel tired and will neglect seeking Him. Even doing a simple stuff like praying to some of us its a chore.
Its only through seeking Him may we gain spiritual growth. If not how can grow in him?
just earnestly seek a living God.....

Thanking God for everything

by Saturday, October 24, 2009

I just want to thank God for everything he has done for me. I thank Him for bringing me back to church and thank Him for changing my attitude letting me become a more reserved person.

I have just found out that the weird thing I have been experiencing is called spiritual warfare. Through this I have found out that actually m spirit is weak and therefore it is easy for the devil to attack. nevertheless I know that I should pray more so that my spirit can stay stronger in God. This knowledge is all thanks to Andes and Evie for being unfailing in replying to my messages. Really thank God for letting me meet such awesome bunch of people.

I know that through prayers may my spirit be strengthened. 'stength will rise as we wait upon the lord', as said in the lyrics of the song 'everlasting God'.

I really thank Him for his unfailing love towards me. even though I am not worthy of his love but he is really so great in readily forgiving me of my sins. This made me even more wanting to serve him and eagerly wanting to meet such an awesome father I have.
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