God's forgiveness to our sins

by Monday, August 31, 2009

The bible says
'For God so loved the the world that he gave his only son to die on the cross for our sins' John3:16
God"s mericifulness to us is so great
So great that he is willing to send jesus,as an offering to our sin
For ths I praise him
Praise the lord for his love and mercifulness
But even though he is a forgivable god,we should not commit great sins
'Anyone,then who knows the knowledge of god and doesn't do it sins James4:17
This verse reminds me of god's forgiveness for us.
Since we know it is a sin,why not do not do it,but rather walk that path that god want us to walk?
Let us not take advantage of god is mercifulness to our sins rather ,walk right with god.
Of course,some people may say we are sinners
Then since god is a forgivable god,sin all that way and god shall forgive us
People,did you not think that one day god's patience would have been used up?
Did you ever think God's anger may arouse and he may get angry with you?
Lets all not sin against god,walk closer to god and be like jesus,listen to him all the way........

Resisting to temptation

by Monday, August 24, 2009

Temptation is a cause of evil
God does not like us to sin against him
But it is human nature that make us want to sin against him
We may not know what we are doing when sinning
But we know that when we sin God would be angry with us
God is a merciful God
Whenever we sin against him he is always readily forgiving us
Which is why we should not make use of the advantage that he is a forgiving God
Always try our best to make him happy
Always wait on the lord and pray everyday
Read bible and do not have doubts in him
Believe in his promises and act on them
Seek him always for he is everywhere
Be patient and wait for his power to dwell upon you
For prayer is power...........

Answers through god

by Saturday, August 22, 2009

When you ask for a prayer there is always yes, no or wait
When the answer is a no maybe what you have asked is a bad thing
When you get an immediate answer of course you will feel happy
But if you get a no answer what you have to do is to just wait for him
Which i believe a lot of people may not have the patience to wait for his reply
Even i do feel frustrated when god does not reply me
I feel that we should just pray for patience when god does not answer our prayer
Because god has a reason for not answering it
Of course we people may feel very angry
But do not take matters into your own hands
Because God is justice and he will help you always

Net group

by Friday, August 21, 2009

Net group is today
For everybody being brought together
Sing song of praises to god
Then tomorrow stil got to go church
Praise god on high
Thanking god for dying for our sins
Thanks God for giving my heart peace
Reading the bible and growing more in the lord
Spread the gospel and bring them back to god
For god is very sad that there are so much lost out there
Halleujiah praise the lord on high......

Spiritual gifts

by Thursday, August 20, 2009

There are many types of spiritual gifts that may be given.....
2 of which are tounges and prophesy
Tounges iis a language that all cannot understand only god
Its language is meant as a secret to praise him
Prophesy is one who tell a meaning of a persons dreams
I hope God can grant me salvation and give me the gift of tounges
I hope i can praise him with that
No matter how long it takes
I will just be patient to wait for the power to dwell upon me
Because I believe that if you ask and it will be given to you
Just be patient and wait on the lord

First dae blog

by Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is my first day typing a post
Just want 2 share with you a verse that i like, quoted from the bible:
As we are faithless, his love is always faithful....
Always believe that the lord will touch our lives
Believe that he has a plan for us all
I tried once to bring my friends to church, but to no avail
But i always believe that god will help me
Because they are the lost whom god yearns to return
God will always help us no matter if we are troubled
Seek in god always
Pray and read the word of god through the bible
And ask him to open our eyes to see the wonderful things in his law
God's love is always showered upon us
I believe one day god will grant e salvation as he is the Christ
I hope to get spiritual gifts from god
God is love always
And forgiving also...
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