The Little Things I Thank God For

Since the time when I rededicated my life to Jesus, He has been taking me on amazing journeys, placing people around me to help me build up my walk with Him. I believe that it was not by coincidence that He has placed me in VFC and brought these people in my life, and I just want to take this time really thank God for them. Thank God that He is good and He cares for me!

First of all, I thank God for my discipler Karina! Thank God that He has always been pouring out His wisdom upon her and giving me a real life physical example that I can follow. Always cherishing the times where she get to disciple me. One thing I learnt through those conversations I had with her: Don't talk too much, because either I will keep talking and not finish my food, or she won't get a chance to talk (Haha just kidding!). Sometimes through these conversations God will always remind me to be sensitive to the people around me... Thank God for her life, that she is always there for me, giving me wise counsel and praying for me. Thank God for such a shepherd - being one of her sheeps, I'm honoured and blessed.

2nd major person! Thank God for my 老爸 (Dad) Andes! It was only after I went for Sunday morning service this week when Pastor Graydon was talking about the spiritual son he had, that I realised, like the relationship the Apostle Paul and Timothy had, God has placed Andes as a caretaker since the time I entered VFC. Not only am I accountable to him since he is my net leader, even through random times God had been using him to speak to me about different issues. I still remembered the times when I just rededicated my life and when I had so many questions popping in my head and I asked 老爸 (at that time I didn't know I could ask God about such questions yet), he never fails to reply my messages.

Thank God that he is a patient guy and a great leader that God has also placed in my life as a physical example to follow, just like how he follows Christ. Also quite sorry to him sometimes when he has to take my nonsense... But I know that he is still watching out for me, believing in me and being patient with me just like how God is also patient towards me. I believe there are times when he prayed for me when I could not go to net and was picking up fusses. Thank God for open doors, and thank God for 老爸's life! (PS: 老爸 if you're reading this, you should thank me that I didn't put that unglam Hawaii picture haha!)

Thank God too that He has been giving me opportunities to venture out and try new things! Recalling what Pastor Danny Han preached during watchnight, the theme was "2012: Extraordinary Year". I believe God has been ushering me into different circumstances where I can learn to try out new things and maybe it will be beneficial in the calling He has for me, allowing me to advance and fulfill my destiny.

Christmas service @ TheEDGE!

Ministry recruitment drive!

Thank God for placing me in the ushering ministry! I believe this was the first ministry that God wanted me to be in because He wanted to teach me about servant-hood: No one sees you arranging the chairs before service, You may say hi and no one reply back. But that was the point of serving as a servant: You do not care about the glory; you give glory to the Father as you serve with a spirit of excellence. Jesus should be the center when you're serving in your ministry. Thank God that through this ministry I have become more hospitable, confident (maybe? Haha) and I made new friends!

Also this was the first year I tried out hand-billing for Fun Factory! With a sister who has the same birthday as me!

This year was also the first year I got to be part of the committee planning the first Region 3/4 outreach of the year! I still remembered at that time there were so many technical faults initially: Projector not working, Sound system not up. But thank God He prevailed and everything worked finely in the end! Thank God my street e contact Darren was saved through that outreach too, and He has been added to Serangoon net! Thank God that He is good and He never fails!

Shopping at Cotton On sale #likeaboss

Sunday's after evening service fellowship! Really had lots of fun and laughter!

Last but not least, thank God for my church family, VFC and the youth ministry TheEDGE! Thank God for Pastor Jeremy and Charissa Seaward who obeyed the call and started out TheEDGE. Thankful that for the boldness that they possess towards the things of God. Also thank God for the most awesome bunch and crazy youths in Region 3/4! Really blessed by each of your presence and really love this Region a lot!

Thank God that He is a God who loves and is crazy about me. Thank God that He cares about the little things in my life! :D

I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving. Psalm 69:30 (NKJV)


  1. What a great group of brothers and sisters in Christ : ) I am so glad you are blessed. Enjoy this time! I had a season like this too. God bless! I am so grateful for you Joy!

  2. Thanks Karen! Hope that you have great brothers and sisters in Christ like I do! God bless! :D


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