Great to be starting out on the fuel 30 bible reading program with TheEDGE, reading the whole New Testament in just 30 days! Haha initially I thought it was nuts that I must read the whole New Testament in 30 days- it just blows my mind okay? Haha but thanks be to Jesus that I can always finish reading the fuel 30 plus the 1 year whole bible plan that is still ongoing. Thank God for His strength and favor, and also the fire that He inserted into my heart that makes me want to quickly finish school and continue reading on. Sometimes, without realising, I read over the plan heehee! :p

To me, getting a revelation from God's word everyday is like striking lottery! I get a great satisfaction everyday when I found a revelation, and I am always thankful that Jesus never fails to speak to me. Haha I can imagine the times when I read and I am in Jesus's arms, and He goes so close to me and speak to my ears. It's important to speak to God, it's also as important to hear God!

So i just thought I could share something that God spoke to me yesterday:

For the whole bible plan yesterday, these particular verses caught my entire attention. I even went to bed thinking: "Woah this is crazy mann!" How can Peter's shadow heal the sick and set the demonic oppressed free?

Outrageous, outrageous, outrageous. While I stood in awe of the shadow, Jesus spoke to me

Child, your shadow can be as outrageous as Peter's.

That's it. I decided to read to on, and I discovered so many things that Peter actually did for the church of God, and the time he spent in God's presence. Peter, you are a freak - a Jesus freak!

Then, as I read on in Acts 9, by the power of God, Tabitha was raised to life. Peter, you're a crazy dude!

God continued to tell me that spending time in His presence is important- not only being present, but dwelling (living) in the shelter of the Almighty will let the walls break down and I'll realise that I can be as close to Jesus! I can be doing even greater works than what the apostles are doing:

Conclusion: Be a Jesus freak and you will be a carrier of His presence. Even your shadow will become freaky- the sickness and the demons will freak out!


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