We can boast about our love for Christ. Many of us can say: “I love Jesus!” But how many of us are aware, that our love isn’t really perfect?

When we are facing a huge crisis, and we do not know what the future holds ahead of us, instead of being patient (verse 4), we begin to constantly question God: “Why like this?” or “Why like that?”

Instead of putting our trust and hope (verse 7) that God has a good plan for us (Jeremiah 29:11), we begin to doubt the intentions of God: “God why do I need to face such sufferings?” Don't we know that, when God loves us, He will always protect (verse 7) us?

When we start doubting the intentions and goodness of God, we are not rejoicing with the truth (verse 6). For if we are doing so, then why are we doubting that God works for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28)?

Can we say that our love is perfect? Can we say that we have perfect love towards God or toward others?

This is why we cannot really boast that we love God, but it was God who loves us first (I John 4:19). Some of us may have thought this way: “I thought I was the one who made the decision to accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.” Well, right before you made a decision to accept Jesus, He had accepted you way before you did, even before you knew about it. This was proven all through the shedding of His precious blood on the cross.

It is only through the love of God, that our imperfection became perfection because of the perfect love of the Father (verse 10). So we can only boast about this: “I love God because He first loves me.” It’ll be only through God’s grace and love that our love can be made perfect…


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