Just want to share the sermon that my youth Pastor, Jeremy Seaward, preached on, titled Dreams- what's left of your dreams.

A summary of the sermon- Dreams (3):
Dreams (3) - what’s left of your dream?

You and I were made to dream

God has a dream for us- Jeremiah 29:11
-“I know the thoughts I have for you.”
-“I know the dreams I dream about you.”
He has good plans for us

In the last days God will pour out His spirit on everyone! - Acts 2

4 types of dream:
1. Shattered dreams
Dreams that we lost all hope for. A dream that was ignited in our heart, but people do not believe in our dream, and hence we feel discouraged and all of a sudden that dream began to crumble, because when we look for support we could not find any.

2. Tired dreams
Dreams that we run for, but it appears that all hope is lost and we start to be tired to run for the dream.

3. Damaged dreams
Believe in the dream, and have been trying to work for that dream, trying to be faithful to work on the dream, but the dream seemed unfulfilled. If you settle for the damaged dream you will never see the dream that God has promised you. But I want the dream for God in my life.

4. Forgotten dreams
The dreams had not been fulfilled for so long, and even though you felt desperate and wanted to believe, because of the long wait, you forgot the dream.

God wants us to believe in the dream that he has for us. For He believed in the potential of our life. Even when we lost all hope in the dream we once run for, He wants to give us a new hope and restore His dream for us. His dream for us: for us to know Him, have peace and eternal life; cannot be bought with money: because He loved us too much, therefore, even before He knew us, He decided to send Jesus to die for us so that we may gain life through Him.

After the whole sermon is preached, and there was the altar call, I thank God for calling me there, and at the altar He started to reveal to me the types of dreams, and He wanted me to ignite the dream in my heart:

Tired dream
Dream for the blog readers. When the blog first started 2 years ago, I was so enthusiastic and I will blog each day. But, honestly, sometimes I felt that I am starting to run for my own dream. When God told me he wanted me to blog to see the lost in every country reading this blog to be saved, sometimes I am weary and I asked God: “why me?” On that day, God told me that the reason I became tired was because I was not really blogging with His spirit; but, in actual fact, He wants me to entrust this blog totally to Him: God is the one who runs this blog, not me. Sometimes when I look at the statistics, I feel really happy when I see the numbers rising and more people and reading the blog. But since I do not know who are saved or strengthened through this blog, I don’t really know if I am blogging for only some people to see. But, during the net rally, when Jeremy was preaching on being a dream releaser, I felt that God was trying to tell me to dream for others; not for myself. And, on Saturday, God told me: child, be strengthened. I am using you to reach out to the nations. All you need to do is to trust in me, and everything’s going to be okay.

Damaged dreams
I have been praying for my family for quite some time, and, seeing things at home not going smooth, like for so long, I want to give up. Sometimes I had negative thoughts that things are not going to be okay, since the problem has been going on for so long. I want to see breakthroughs, and, without fail, I will pray for the situation in my family to be restored. I want to see a restoration of peace, but the picture just looked so darkened. I feel tired. And I thank God for restoring that hope into my heart, and letting me feel at peace. He reminded me of two verses:

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.
Psalm 46:1

May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.
Matthew 6:10

And I know that He wants to draw near to me once again to grant me that comfort. Yup, even though this dream may take some time to be fulfilled, I pray that God will grant me strength to overcome all obstacles and see that dream be fulfilled. And now all I need to do is to press in, push away all negative thoughts and not give up… I need prayer…

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