Passion lost fire?

Today, I just want to share with you guys a story that is related to the title I am going to share about today: passion lost fire?

There was this fox that had been staying at home for many days without food. He told himself:
“I must go out to get food. If not, I am going to die of starvation!”
Having walked for hours, in the forest, the fox still could not find any food. At that instant, while he was going to give up searching for food, a cute little bunny walked passed him. The fox thought to himself:
“I must get my food!”
And so, he chased after the bunny. The bunny, knowing that he is going to be preyed on, ran as fast as he could to save his life. The bunny outran the fox.

The fox was puzzled. He questioned himself why he could not outrun the bunny. Therefore, he decided to seek the wise man’s help:
Fox: “Hey wise man, hey wise man! I want to seek your advice!”
Wise man: “Sure! Shoot your question.”
Fox: “Earlier on, when I was searching for food in the forest, I saw this bunny and wanted eat him. I thought I could outrun the bunny. Unexpectedly, I did not get my food. Why is this so that the bunny could outrun me? I am stronger than he!”
Wise man: “Well, why don’t you ask the lion? He should be able to give you the answer. He is living not far from here.”
Fox: “Okay wise man. I’ll do just that!”

So, the silly fox walked to the lion’s house, excitedly wanting his question to be answered. When he reached the lion’s house, the lion was so hungry that he wanted to eat the fox. The fox then realized that he was in danger and ran for his life. Fortunately, he outran the lion.

After much running, the fox was enraged because he thought the wise man wanting to have him killed. He rushed back to the wise man’s house and shouted:

Fox: “Wise man, you want to have me dead? Why do you send me to that stupid lion? I almost got killed!”
Wise man: “Well, you asked me what is the reason the bunny outrun you. So, now, do you get your answer?”

I realized this: it would be a different case if the bunny or the fox was distracted, maybe due to the great sea view or the tempting grape trees. The outcome of the story would be changed; either the bunny or the fox would be eaten by their predators.

Hence, I learn a moral from this story:
Not being distracted, we shall run with all our strength to achieve our goals.
For the bunny and the fox's case, their goal was to run as fast as they could so that they will not die in the hands of their predators.

To this moral, I shall relate to today's post title: passion lost fire?

Christians, think back to the time you accepted Christ. It was the first time you experienced the Holy Spirit in your life, strengthening you. And, like fresh fire, your passion for the lost and for the needy started to rise, as God let you feel the burden He has for His people.
As time goes by, when you start to get tired for failures, working life or school, you may begin to get so affected by all these problems till you start to shift your focus on solving them.

And today, a question lies ahead:
Have your passion for Christ lost fire?

From Matthew 5:13,
“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

The same goes for our passion. When you are so fired up for Christ, you are salty. But if you let other reasons affect your passion, the salt can regain its saltiness again. Therefore, make sure your passion remains like wildfire, forever staying salty. For Jesus is worthy, hence I know it is worth all my life to run this race for Him, with all my strength. Even at times when you feel tired, and you need strength; remember that the Holy Spirit is with you always, refreshing you so that you will be able to do His work each day. Immanuel, our God is with us!

Again, I shall end my post with this note for non-Christian believers:
I run for Christ because I am experiencing a fresh love encounter from Him every single day. And I believe God wants me to tell you that He wants to encounter you and let you experience His love; love like no other!
Click HERE to experience His love: it is only a prayer away!

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