Not for my glory

I ever questioned myself: if Jesus was not in my life, what would I be blogging about? Hmmm... Maybe I would be blogging like what bloggers usually blog on: their boring day, encounters with friends, complaints about their teacher's teaching style, and their hatred on someone. Just want to take this opportunity to thank God for His available word being in my life, playing a part in my Christian walk. If not for Him, where would I be? What would I be blogging about?

I thank Jesus for the freedom I can have today through the redemption of His pure blood. Because He chose to hang on the cross, I can now experience His love and forgiveness, and I know I will never be the same after I had an love encounter with Him.

As I had mentioned in the previous post Amazing Grace, I know that I am a sinner; someone not worthy to accomplish His work. However, I thank God that, because of His abundant love, my imperfection is washed away and I am made perfect through the perfect king. Therefore, I will not only live my life to please the will of the Father, I will also blog for the glory of God:

“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
John 8:36
And I assured I am free through Jesus!

“God gives wisdom and knowledge and joy”
Ecclesiastes 2:23

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go. I will counsel you with my eye on you.”
Psalm 32:8
I know I am not blogging on my own; I am blogging with the wisdom and knowledge God has been providing me with.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christian Bloggers Clan for featuring me as this month's blogger. For Christian bloggers, you may click HERE to join their clan...

And lastly, a song to share...

Where would we be without you Lord?

May my life speak Your words
May my heart beat with Yours
Let Your light shine in me all my days

God of grace, God of truth
Lord my soul longs for You
I will live for You God all my days

Jesus Christ
The Name above all names
Risen King
We long to bring You praise

Jesus reigns
All glory to Your Name
All power to Your Name

Jesus reigns
Let all creation praise
The Name above all names
Jesus reigns

Spirit of God, we cry out for You now
We cry out
Where would we be without You, Jesus
Where would we be without You, Lord


  1. God bless you Joy! I am grateful too to have God's Word to blog about. :) I think I enjoy it more than my photography blog... You are a blessing.

  2. Ha thanks lots. Hope that we will all grow in Christ through our blogs!! :)

  3. I love it when you said in blog tagline that you want to blog for His glory and not for yours. Amen to that, Sis!

    Being a Christian blogger is one of the best things in this world. I myself wouldn`t know what to write about if I don`t know Him. I mean, we could write about many things... but to find meaning and purpose in that... would be quite hard.

    Go, sister! Never stop writing and sharing His love! Blessings to you and your sweet blog!


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