I have come to the 72th post of my blog, and so far, I have analysed that most of my blog posts always talks about the issue of Jesus only. In this post, I am going to talk about Him, and also, make a comparison between God and people. Its long, but still, hope you will finish reading, being refreshed while God speaks to you through this.

Firstly, I analysed the first point which Jesus differs from people: response.

1) Forgiveness
Because our God is a God of compassion, therefore He sent His son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins so that we can be saved (John 3:16).God's forgiveness is so ready, and when He says He will forgive us, He means it and does not take back His word. For people, it may take some time for us to forgive someone, depending on the amount of hatred we have for that person. I sometimes tell my friends: forgive and forget, and life will be so much easier. However, some may forget, but not forgive; some may express that they forgive the other party willingly, but in actual fact, they bear that hatred in their heart.

2) Faith
When Jesus was walking with the disciples and passed by a fig tree bearing no fruit, He cursed the fig tree and it withered (Matthew 21:16-22). Why is it that the fig tree could wither so quickly? It is because Jesus responded with absolute faith. But as Christians, when we pray for a particular need, or when we ask something from God, sometimes our prayer gets unanswered. Three reasons:
-God is asking you to wait. He is testing your faith. (James 5:10-11)
-When praying, you did not respond with faith, but doubted. (James 1:6-7)
-You request with wrong intentions (James 4:3)

The second point I thought of: treatment.

1) Equality
God treats everyone with the same amount of love and care, no matter whether you are a believer of Christ or not. Even if you are a hater or rejector of Christ, He still has compassion for you and loves you! For people, however, some practise favoritism. For instance, they may prefer person A to person B, therefore treating person A better. But God told us that we should not show favoritism. (James 2:1-4)

2) Attitude
Since God created mankind, and every person sins, you should be able to imagine the grace and compassion God has for His creation:way too huge! Instead of being angry at sinners and sent their souls to the hellfire, God adopts a cool headed attitude towards us:forgiveness. Even to great sin like persecuting His church, He will not get angry, but adopt the attitude of being cool headed, forgiving and patient. Like the apostle Paul, who persecuted the church, God did not get angry with Him, but forgave Him (Acts 8:1-3) and made him realise that He is God (Acts 9:3-6), and even thereafter, transforming Paul into a great man who does the work of God (Acts 9:15-18). As for us, people, when someone did us wrong, especially grave mistakes, instead of adopting the cool headed attitude, some would start to be angered and adopt the hot tempered attitude, treating people harshly or crudely, not bothering how people may feel.

Some may comment: Because God is perfect, therefore the way He lives everyday will be holy. From beginning till the end, He will always be holy. Since I'm not God, and am a sinner from birth, I would not be able to behave exactly like Him. Well, human beings are not perfect, but we can strive to imitate the way Jesus responds and treats His people, so that we can be called His holy creation, at other people's sight (1 Peter 1:15). For this is what the word says:

'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.'
Isaiah 55:8

'For sin shall not be your master, because you are not under law, but under grace.'
Romans 6:14

'Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires.'
Romans 6:12

This is the purpose why I made a comparison between God and people: to let people realise the difference God works and theirs so that they may reflect on the way they always used to work, and now, change their mindset, to imitate God's ways. Lastly, below is an extract which I have learnt through a service at my youth service, and its somehow related to this post. I pray that God will speak to you through this post. Be blessed!

'Because we are not perfect, hence when God sends His son to die for our sin, Jesus's perfection covers our imperfection, so that we can be called holy. Being called holy by God, never give yourself a chance to slip down. God wants us to live at the standard that we are being called to live in.'
People's choice part 3
Pastor Jeremy Seaward

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