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Happy new year everyone!! As we embark to this new year, with a new season and spirit, I just want to share with you this devotion which I read on 2010, December 28, titled our daily bread. The content of this devotion is somehow related to this post I am typing out today.

It stated: As you think back over this past year, why not write down the significant events in your life. Don’t be afraid to include your difficulties and disappointments, but remember to consider all the ways God has been with you. (The year in review)

Then I was thinking: why not I try to think back on what I have achieved and failed through the last year, 2010??

I listed:

Awesome events I've gone through
1) Preached the gospel... 2 saved!! One of them was baptised..
2) Changed the persepective of one of my Christian friend.. Saw His faith lifted up after our conversation!!
3) Started this blog... ( ok its started in August 2009... However... Genuine Christian posts was started only this year!!)
4) Started to really engage in Christian stuffs: Christian songs, devotionals blog..
5) Baptism of the Holy Spirit... Got the assurance of God's presence which lessens my doubt about God..

Setbacks, difficulties, and disappointments
1) Doubted in God's power.. Because of problems and closed doors..
2) Not many of my friends that i preached was saved... Faced lots of rejections..
3) Some of my friends initially wanted to come for the youth service that I was attending, but in the end backed out..
4) Could not come for net and Edge service

So.. after all the listing.. I suggested my new year's resolution:
1) Let my faith in God continuously increase
2) Spend more time in prayer
3) Hoping for opened doors
Etc, etc, etc...

I caught sight of a verse:
'Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.'
Romans 8:5
Therefore, another one of my resolution for this year, is to have more Godly desires.. Because God is living in me!! :)

To everyone.. Happy new year!! And start to set your new year's resolution for 2011...
Maybe, when you start to wake up on 1st January, every year, start to ask God:
What is your new year's resolution for me this year??
What is your new calling for me this year??
May God bless you this coming year ahead!! :D

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