The key-part 3

The key we should hold

key we should hold

Sometimes we may have a bunch of keys and some may be identical. So when we want to open the door using the key which we think is right, the door ends up not being opened. Similarly, the keys that God and the devil hold are for us to choose which one to unlock our heart with. If we choose the wrong key our lives may end up going to destruction. Therefore, choose wisely the keys which will make your life abundant, especially after you accept Jesus into your life.

1) The key to heaven
Only God holds the key to heaven, and He wants to invite you into His kingdom. This is the truth I believe in, that God is waiting to receive His creation in heaven.
‘Praise Him, you highest heavens and you waters above the skies.’
Psalms 148:4

2) The key to holiness
God asks us to be imitators of Him, and our actions will become Godly, because we are copying Him. Let your heart be unlocked to holiness, so that you may be a light that shines for God’s glory.
‘But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do.’
1 Peter 1:15

3) The key to worship
Unlock your heart with joyful songs to praise God. Live your lives in right and Godly behavior, as this is call true worship. This is the key that God has given you, to let you become reunited to Him.
‘So, if you worship me, it will be all yours.’
Luke 4:7

Having all these keys, hold on tightly to them. Do not surrender your life to the devil, but surrender your live to a God who truly loves you.

Lock your heart when the devil appears; unlock your heart when God approaches; lock your heart to evil; unlock your heart to holiness :)

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