The Key-part 2

The key the devil holds

key devil hold

I believe whether you are in any religion or not, you believe there is a devil. If you are not a believer of Christ today, you may identify that you are committing wrong as you do not believe in a God, which will make the devil happy. These are the keys that you have let the devil unlocked your heart with.

1) The key of sin
Perhaps you are a free thinker and since you don’t believe there is a God, you will sin without caring that you are sinning against God. This is the key that the devil has placed inside your heart, the sinful nature.
‘In spite of all this, they kept on sinning; in spite of His wonders, they did not believe.’
Psalms 78:32

2) The key of separation
Every time you commit sin, it drifts you further away from God. This is the agenda that the devil wants to achieve through you, that he does not want you to be a child of God. You must understand at the point when you give your life to Jesus, it is the time the devil loses control over you and he loses.
‘But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear.’
Isaiah 59:2

3) The key of death
John 3:16 states God’s death was not to let believers perish but have everlasting life in heaven. It also means every non-believer will perish with the devil in the burning furnace. You, therefore, are holding the key of death, of which the devil has unlocked your heart with.
‘The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is law.’
1 Corinthians 15:56

4) The key of foolishness
As you have the key of sin and you do not believe there is a God, I can say you are harboring foolish thoughts as there is a God watching your actions. You have the key of foolishness that has made you lose your sense of judgement to whatever is right or wrong.
‘I myself have seen a fool taking root, but suddenly his house was cursed.’
Job 5:3

So, are you still going to continue doing evil without knowing you have been blinded by sin? There is only one guaranteed straight way if you still continue to hold on to the keys the devil has given you: hell…

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