Get up after a fall

When we lose our balance,we tend to fall down. The next thing we will do is to get up on our feet. Even if our reaction is that slow we will still get up. Some may have injuries and after that the wound will be treated and slowly healed. This can actually be related to our relationship with God, when we fall from Him.

The first part is the action of falling. Like a physical fall, we will also fall away from Him, maybe when we drift away from God. At this point, our relationship with God will start to drift apart.

The second part is after the fall, where we may become injured. When we start to drift away, it means we deny His presence, leading to denial of help from Him. If we do this, when every problem comes our way, we will only have ourselves to rely on. This may lead to ourselves doing foolish actions, resulting in being hurt. We may even start to turn to drugs and sexual immorality, as we want to go against God's command, making Him enraged.

The third part is the healing of the wound, after being dressed up. When we start to realise God's presence is still in our lives, after the denial, we will ask for forgiveness and come back to Him. This will be the time where our relationship with God starts to come back and our wounds in between will be patched up.

Our relationship with God may go through ups and downs, But God still remains faithful to us. So then, come to God for strength, even after we drifted away, God will still be willing to strengthen us, letting our relationship with Him become stronger. Let His strength come upon us...

'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.'
Phillipians 4:13

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