Here I am for you to use, Lord

'For it is God who works in you to will, and according to His good purpose.'
Philippians 2:13

Even as everyone has been saved, we jolly well know that God will put a call into our lives. Maybe it is for our family,our generation, or for the restricted nations. Even through serving, we are all committing to a God who will reward us in every good thing we do, like a Father patting his son's back, telling his son that he has done well.

God knows where we are, where we are proceeding to and what we are going to do beforehand. Putting total trust in a God who cares for our well-being, isn't this good? Since we know this fact and are putting our trust in Him, why not also declare that here we are for Him to use?

Through worship, service, or even going into prayer, let everything we are doing be of clarity to Him, that we want Him to use us. No matter how useless you may think you are, how small you think you may be; good news! God can make you bigger and wider than you think you are. He will make you feel useful till when you start doing His will, you will ask yourself, in the end, how can you accomplish this. Let strength start arising in all, let all start to look up to God, saying," here I am for you to use, Lord."

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