Forgive or excuse

I believe sometimes when we sinned,we do ask God for forgiveness. But sometimes the way we ask, it sounds as an excuse, maybe through our friends, we sinned or something.

Given an everyday life example. Perhaps you are parents and are quarreling over some common issues, maybe because of children. When we are all angry, I believe we will let anger rule over us and let God be forgotten. There, you start to shout and let out poison from your mouth.

Then, while praying and asking for forgiveness, some may state it like this: Jesus, forgive me for quarreling with my spouse today, becuase he is too demanding or something, and sorry for letting anger arouse... It appears like you are asking God for forgiveness, but in actual fact, you are using your spouse as a shield for your sin, which is a cover up, excuse. And I think this is totally worng.

Take for another example, the instant where Adanm and Eve sinned because of temptation from the serpent. They let greed rule over them and hence made the wrong choice. Now, when God walks to them and asked Adam and Eve how their eyes were opened, they blamed it on either party, which meant they thought they were not wrong at all. They wanted God to forgive them, for they did not sin on their own accord.

Its not that I want to talk about the past, its just that I feel Adam and Eve should not find excuses and push responsibilities to either party. Rather, they should have begged God for forgiveness. I feel if they had done that, history would change.

Since God created us, and we may sin, lets not find an excuse for ourselves that we are wrong, but go and repent and ask God for forgiveness, not including any names to our prayer. Of course, our God is a God of grace, and I believe no matter whether we may find excuses to cover up or did the latter, God will still forgive us. But it is better to just ask God for forgiveness instead of pushing the blame to someone else. As long as you repent, God will forgive you. So, treat others as how God treats you, with forgiveness, not an excuse to cover upon.

'Love your neighbour as yourself.'
Galatians 5:14

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