Be a fan of God

A lot of times when we go out to food courts or to Macdonalds at midnight we will always see this group of people wearing their football jerseys, supporting and cheering for their favorite group. People are getting so uptight over their favorite groups.

Like when you support your favorite singer and when he holds a live concert around the whole world some may be so crazy over them till they start to create fan clubs and even go to the extent to buy air tickets and go to every country to support their favorite singer. I sometimes wonder: why is everyone getting so crazy over a person or a group? Has anyone ever said or declare they are a fan of God?

When you are really crazy over someone you will want to go wherever they went. It may be as close as watching television. Have you ever thought that being a fan of God can be as close as to Him being in your heart?

Some will ask: how do I go about being a fan of God? That's easy. Like how people seek their favorites, running all the way with them or actively creating and posting about them, you can be a fan by actively pursuing and seeking Him everyday, because He is always near you. Not like people, where you have to source for them where they will be holding their concert, being a fan of God, you just have to read the word and pray to Him. With this you can build a close relationship with Him and your faith will amazingly increase.

It is not only through a church where you declare to everybody that you are a fan of God. Even when you are in public or when with your friends you can declare through evangelizing with them your faith in the true God, because by the power of the Holy Spirit that all lost shall return to Him.

Instead of going crazy over people or football clubs, why not we proudly declare that we are going crazy for God? Bringing down all ungodly passions, lets start going crazy and all out to seek God. Be a fan of God!

'Look to the Lord and His strength;seek His face always.'
1 Chronicles 16:11

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