I will surrender

The salvation giver
The creator of life
That all start to worship you alone

The king above all kings
The power of your great throne
Your authority shines blazing bright

(The splendor of your great love
The love poured around us
Through the cross of the Calvary

The power of your great name
The wonderful and mighty
All start to bow down and worship you)

I find myself in your comfort embrace
I won’t leave you
But surrender my breath, my life
In everything I do
Let my whole life be of favor to your eyes

I will surrender
To give you all my life
I will surrender
To give you all my praise
I will surrender
Because you sacrificed your life for me
So that I can live for you

The worthy lamb
The throne of grace
That is so glorious
So powerful

Let all nations sing loud
Let all nations declare
Surrender all to God

(The holy one
The anointed one
My Jesus king)

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