How Great Is Your Name

I see the weak gaining strength
From their feeble arms and legs
Giving glory to God

I hear the shouts of praises coming from the weak
Let the weak say I am strong

(I see the poor getting up
From the begging of that street
Exclaiming God has saved them

I hear the voices of the poor
All their desperation calls
Let the poor say I am rich)

Your holy name's so powerful in all the earth
Let all people see the strength you have provide

You're my strength, my shepherd
My savior, my king
Let your name be glorified

There is no ending
No ending
No ending to your love
No ending to your pow'r

There is no ending
To the glory you have shine in all the earth
Let all people rejoice

How great is your name
How great is your name
That's why we will sing
Hosanna to our majesty

(Hosanna to our God on high)

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