God's glorified!

Thank God for letting I go for 3rd April healing crusade organized by victory family centre. When I went there, I came on the thought that I will see how God is going to use His people to glorify Him. Really, I finally saw Him being glorified through healing upon His people. Last time it was purely on living by faith as I did not see the works that He is doing. Now that I see this happening, I can say that my faith is brought to a higher level.

His name is so powerful. Through His healing, in the name of the almighty, people got healed. There is a song lyrics: and now, let the weak say I am strong… I really saw people giving praise and thanking God for all these healing.

Like when I saw a scence of pastor roy praying for a deaf and mute girl, when she opened her mouth to speak, my heart was really at joy. I felt happy for the girl as well as for His people as God’s glory was shown, lit up.

Really, start believing in God, for I see and testify to God’s glory being lifted up.....

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