Power in your name

A thought just flowed from my mind:

O sovereign Lord,
From the beginning you created all things at your command.
From the creation of day to the creation of man,
All these I see at present and will have faith to believe that you are my creator.
With just a sentence, in your name,
All things were just right.

O, how much power is there in your name!
From the time you sent your son to earth, till He was glorified and now sits on your throne,
You give us the authority to preach boldly,
Gave others the baptism of your fire and holiness,
Gave others authority to heal.
For all these shall accompany us since we are believers of Christ.

‘In the name of Jesus.’
O, how powerful is your name.
For healing and rebuking the evil spirits,
I am convinced now,
That there is power in your name.
This power, from heaven above,
Shaking the heavens and the Earth,
People will start trembling at your name.
For there is power in your name!

‘O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!’
Psalms 8:1

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