Easier said than done

Are there sometimes when you said something which you thought was easy to do yet when you wanted to do you found it difficult?

When you agreed with yourself that you are going to save someone today but when you wanted to do it you found it hard?

When you said that you love the Lord with all your heart, your soul, and mind, but inside your heart are all the Godly passions and desires?

Just like the story of Jesus telling a man to sell off his possessions and then follow Him. After we read this story we may think that we can also do it. But in actual fact when you are in the same situation, will you really do it? Will you really sell off all your possessions and follow Jesus?

Of course, I believe that everyone has something that we feel it’s easier said than done. Just like when you are in that situation of that man. If you put yourself in the situation of Jesus, dying on the cross for our sins, how much courage it took Him to agree with His Father’s decision, just for the sake of us?

So, take courage in the things that is easier said than done....

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