A prayer of strength

O lord,
I know that you have annointed me
Anointed me to save the lost
Annointed me to save my generation

O Lord,
Why is it so hard?
No matter how much i try
What i get back is only rejection?

O Lord,
Help me to overcome my fear
The fear of rejection my friends have imposed on me
Let me be able to open my eyes to see your plan

O Lord,
I know that I need strength from you
A strength that will help me overcome all fears
I know that you are the pillar of my strength
For you are my healer
My strength

O Lord,
Just like how you have saved me
I know that you are more than eager to bring them back
I plead with you now,
Work in my friends, O Lord,
Let me see them get saved through you
For you make all things possible.

The calling of me was awakened,
And I know that I need to obey
For when your purpose is fullfilled
I will rejoice and praise you
My faith will be ever stronger.....

Rise up!! In the name of our Lord Jesus!!

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