Let it go

As people want to become Christians what they will think about first is whether to give up on the ungodly desires. Like tarot cards or fortune telling, these are the lies of the devil. But if you do not let it go, how can you be a devoted Christian?

Maybe we may think it is hard to give up on these desires, like your long undying passion. But think first, Jesus let it all go by dying on the cross. His finished work on the crosws is all for our salvation and for our ungodly passions to die out so that we may become imitators of Him.

Yes, it is very hard to put God first, especially when you first start off to become a follower of Christ. Then how can you be fit to say that you love Him with all your heart, soul , and mind?

The very first thing you must tackle is the lies of the devil. Always pray for discernment so that you may be able to differentiate between good and bad, godly and ungodly.

'Take up your cross daily, and follow Jesus.' Luke 9:23

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