The compensation

This is a story about a girl who is suffering from brain damage....her name is Susan..........

Susan is an unfortunate girl as her mother gave birth to her too late. being in her stomach for too long, Susan suffered from lack of oxygen, ending her up with brain damage. you can see the features of her head, it looks deformed.

At the age of five her parents passed away, due to an accident, leaving her all alone with her pet cat. when she know the news about her parents death, she weeped and weeped for days. No one can stop her. Before her mother died, she said her last words to Susan, saying' I want you top be somebody.'

Being a girl who was not preety because of her features, Susan was despised and bullied in school. As Susan grows up someone discovered her that she had a beautiful voice. She was made to go for a singing competition. as she did not have enough money to buy clothes before she went for the competition, she went to a clothes shop and used all the money she have to buy a dress that fitted her.

Before the competition there were people who offered to style her up. she did not feel that she need to change anything so she said to them,' can't you just leave me alone?' People started despising her by saying she look old-fashioned.

When she went for the competition the judges muttered to themselves that she was simply dressed. they had the impression that she would not sing better. full of her confidence, Susan sang aloud and made the whole congregation impressed with her.

when she was crowned first, she weeped and said,' i have done my mother proud! i finally did my best and i really thank God for this talent he has given me.'

Through this story, we can see that God actually did not forsake us. sometimes the sick or disabled may think that they are being abandoned or they are not perfect. but God created them like that for a purpose. no matter how people may despise them, God does not abandon them but compesate them through the ability of learning things fast and through the various talents they may have.

Be strong! for God is always with us....

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