Being a living testimony

As christians I think we should uphold the testimony of God that he wants us to become. A lot of times when I see my friends behaving rudely it really makes me feel bad. Finding out that they are christians even makes me feel disheartening because we are not doing what is right for God.

Of course, not everyones perfect. but if we strive to achieve and imitate what a best living testimony was we would become testimonies that people wants to follow. just like how Jesus was a living testimony to us, same as how we can show our friends the same through our conduct.

Its like someone who dedicated their life for God. there may be difference between before and after their lives were living for God. sometimes there may be changes in their conduct, because God moulded them to become living testimonies. it is not supposed to be you who ask people if you have changed then people realised, but its people who tell you that you have changed. this is one of the difference when you ask Him to be in your life.

Lets all strive to become living testimonies to Christ, letting Him be proud of our efforts!!

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