Responding to God's calling

I believe that some of you reading this may have a calling from God but some of you did not answer God's calling. It may be setting up a net or prayer group in your school or going out to reach to the lost.

I believe I am guilty sometimes of not answering his calling. Sometimes He would ask me to preach to some of my friends. at first, feeling enthusiastic, I would go and preach to this person. But when I get rejected, I feel a sense of fear when God ask me to preach to this person. I just want to tell everybody not to be afraid to preach. this is also what God has been telling me over the past few weeks. ' God makes the impossible', which is true because of our faith that the impossible can be make possible.

He would be the pillar of your strength whenever you feel discouraged. What we need to do is to go out and preach in full assurance that god will make a way for them and let them tatse the goodness of this salvation. there is no one like Him who is more than eager to bring back his children. Ever imagine if you are in God's shoes and you see the children whom you have fearfully and wonderfully made, being banished to hell because they do not know the father who has been there for them?

I think what we must do is also to pray for our friends who have not been responding of God's calling because of fear or excuses. pray that their fear will be taken away even as they are going to set up prayer groups or campus net. remember that God our father will always be there for us. He is the God of everything...

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