The reality of the unseen coming- part 1

I really thank God for letting me chance upon these books that really inspired me. I believe he really wants me to share with all the facts of what is going to happen in the last days.

This book is titled 'heaven is so real'. this book talks about the heaven surrounding and what happens when you are in heaven. when i read this book a few months ago, I really felt blissful as I knew that there is a peaceful and tranquil place waiting for me to step foot in. a lot of pictures flashed my mind when I was reading this book.. It really made me feel more eager to let my friends know about this place that God has prepared for us.

When I was reading halfway a though which I thought was stupid flashed my mind. about the bore if I were to live in heaven. then God told me that this place would be more beautiful than you think.

Heaven is a place that God wants us o live in it. Of course even though we are not worthy of his love his mercy upon us really let us feel that that we can serve him. Not as a maidservant but like his child.

I believe that God has been speaking to me lots of times about this matter and that is really good news for us. I think we should really just start preaching to all our friends, letting them know that there is a Father who cannot be seen but still cares for us. I really praise and thank Him for all that he has done for us....

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