Waiting for His power

I just feel like sharing my experience with you which may be closely related to this topic I am talking about. there was one day where I passed a shop and i came across one toy which looks like a dumbell and it requires lots of patience in completion. Orange and blue balls are inside each side of the dumbell and it needs to be seperated.

As I began to play this game I began more hooked up to this game. Then whenever the other colour of the ball moved to the other side, I would start feeling frustrated and want to try to make it back. but when this happens some other balls would move back.
Upon completion of this game I began to ponder about this topic. I started to question myself. Was I really patient in waiting for his power to dwell upon me? You know sometimes when we asked Jesus for a prayer to be answered do we be patient in waiting for his works?

Take for example. A person who has been praying for his family problems to be solved. Does he waits patiently for his prayer to be answered or he starts getting frustrated?

Sometimes i just feel that whenever God do not answer our prayers, he has his reasons. We should not act like his disciple, Peter, whom when God asked him to take care of his sheep in provenance of his love for him, after a while he became frustrated in God.

Rather I feel that we should train our patience to a maximum level in which not getting angry in waiting for his power. We should ask for our prayer needs and have faith and patience that he will do the works. In this way while we wait and the Lord will dwell his power upon us.
tTke for another example, a person praying for spiritual gifts. if God do not give us yet we should be patient in waiting for his power to dwell upon us. most importantly, have faith in Christ Jesus.

'Ask and it will be given to you....'

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