Thanking God for everything

I just want to thank God for everything he has done for me. I thank Him for bringing me back to church and thank Him for changing my attitude letting me become a more reserved person.

I have just found out that the weird thing I have been experiencing is called spiritual warfare. Through this I have found out that actually m spirit is weak and therefore it is easy for the devil to attack. nevertheless I know that I should pray more so that my spirit can stay stronger in God. This knowledge is all thanks to Andes and Evie for being unfailing in replying to my messages. Really thank God for letting me meet such awesome bunch of people.

I know that through prayers may my spirit be strengthened. 'stength will rise as we wait upon the lord', as said in the lyrics of the song 'everlasting God'.

I really thank Him for his unfailing love towards me. even though I am not worthy of his love but he is really so great in readily forgiving me of my sins. This made me even more wanting to serve him and eagerly wanting to meet such an awesome father I have.

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