God's forgiveness to our sins

The bible says
'For God so loved the the world that he gave his only son to die on the cross for our sins' John3:16
God"s mericifulness to us is so great
So great that he is willing to send jesus,as an offering to our sin
For ths I praise him
Praise the lord for his love and mercifulness
But even though he is a forgivable god,we should not commit great sins
'Anyone,then who knows the knowledge of god and doesn't do it sins James4:17
This verse reminds me of god's forgiveness for us.
Since we know it is a sin,why not do not do it,but rather walk that path that god want us to walk?
Let us not take advantage of god is mercifulness to our sins rather ,walk right with god.
Of course,some people may say we are sinners
Then since god is a forgivable god,sin all that way and god shall forgive us
People,did you not think that one day god's patience would have been used up?
Did you ever think God's anger may arouse and he may get angry with you?
Lets all not sin against god,walk closer to god and be like jesus,listen to him all the way........

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